AAA Continues Spiritual Emphasis

October 01, 2010 | Cyndee Broder

Through competent, compassionate teaching, Auburn Adventist Academy in Auburn, Wash., endeavors to guide students that they may become of Christ convicted, to Christ committed, for Christ compelled.

As a new academic year begins, Auburn's new administration team continues its commitment to a thriving spiritual atmosphere.

"We realize the importance of prayer," says Samir Berbawy, AAA principal, "and the role it plays in the success of our campus."

Before the school year even began, school leaders spent time praying for God's guidance in the lives of faculty, new and returning students, and parents. In addition, faculty and community members are forming prayer groups that are meeting on a regular basis.

"When faculty are spiritually fed, we are better equipped to nurture the spiritual lives of our students," Berbawy says.

Throughout the school year, faculty find creative ways to kindle the students' appetites for a personal relationship with God through dorm Bible study groups, worship thoughts at the beginning of class, Weeks of Prayer, community service opportunities and more.

"Every student comes here from different places with different experiences," says Mark Weir, AAA chaplain. "We want to give students a chance to see and serve and share in ways that will make a difference in their lives and the lives of others."