Young Adults Discover Evangelism Works

September 01, 2010 | Randall Phillips

The Wenatchee (Wash.) Church Sabbath School class was very content following the same pattern of Sabbath-keeping week after week. Each week they would pray as a group over family, church, school and government issues and study the quarterly. One Sabbath they had a guest speaker, Bob Folkenberg Sr. Little did they know his presentation would change the course of their Sabbath School class and draw them closer to God through participation in ShareHim. They realized lay people were needed to help spread the Gospel — with no divinity degree required.

In May, the Sabbath School class joined with the Leavenworth (Wash.) Church to present a 20-sermon ShareHim evangelistic series in Leavenworth. The class provided the bulk of the speakers and the church provided the advertising and church facility for the series. The exciting series was lead by the inspired speaking of nine youth lay preachers anchored by six adult speakers. Lives changed as prayer became more of an integral part of everything they did during the series. During that time God brought co-workers, friends and family across their paths. They bubbled over with enthusiasm about what they were doing and how much they wanted people to come and hear about Christ.