The Investment Heard 'Round the World Primary Students Raise Funds for AWR

September 01, 2010 | Sheila VonBergen

Primary I and II students from the North Cascade Church in Burlington, Wash., raised more than $700 for Adventist World Radio this year.

Students pulled weeds, cleaned houses, vacuumed cars and did extra chores to earn money for a digital audio player called the "MegaVoice Ambassador," or "Godpod." The solar-powered device holds up to 160 hours of Christian-based content and has no moving parts to break down. With its built-in speaker, a crowd of people can listen to special programming from AWR on a single unit.

With the successful fundraising effort in Burlington, the children raised enough money to purchase 18 MegaVoice Ambassadors.

In addition to learning about target mission areas in Myanmar and Vietnam, students also learned about other countries in which AWR broadcasts, such as India, Thailand, Laos/Cambodia, Ethiopia, Uganda and China.

Burlington children may be too young to “go everywhere” right now, but they are already learning how they can help others tell the world about Jesus through supporting mission projects.