What's New at UCA

Upper Columbia Academy will start its 2010–2011 school year with some exciting innovations and great new staff.

TIP — UCA leadership has voted a landmark decision in hopes of making Adventist education affordable for more students. The Tuition Incentive Program will reduce tuition each successive year a student attends. The first year is full price. The second and third years come with 20 percent and 30 percent reductions. Four-year seniors pay only 50 percent, so one year is essentially free.

One-on-One Laptops — For the first time, UCA will ensure that every student has a uniform set of tools by providing them a laptop. Assignments may be turned in, checked and returned electronically, saving paper and printing costs. Robust safeguards still give students access to necessary research sites, while blocking inappropriate pages.

Fresh Eyes Committee — Because UCA desires excellence, a committee of business- and management-oriented friends of the school have been invited to evaluate the campus with "fresh eyes," and recommend any improvements to the board and administration. This idea comes at the suggestion of Bob Folkenberg Jr., board chairman.

Staff Transitions — In addition to several in-house adjustments, alumni Sidney Hardy, '95, and Bob Lenz, '03, are returning to UCA in a new capacity. Hardy will be teaching Bible and history while Lenz heads the IT department. Also joining the staff is Kyle Gladding, teaching math.

August 01, 2010 / Upper Columbia Conference

Katie Torkelsen Spoo, UCA GLEANER correspondent