UCC Camp Meeting Calls Members to His Service

Adventists gathered on the Walla Walla University campus from across the Northwest for a two-day convocation, June 18–19. The Share the Life Camp Meeting, put on by Upper Columbia Conference, is over, but the memory is far from gone.

The weekend theme, "Share the Life," focused on full commitment to Christ and His cause. Speakers, including Ty Gibson and Bill McClendon, encouraged those attending to be active participants in God’s last-day work.

A highlight of the weekend focused attention on front-line gospel workers from around Upper Columbia Conference, including Bible worker coordinators and magabook colporteurs. Friday evening, during the Share the Life evangelism hour, Dave Livermore and Steve Rogers interviewed several about their outreach efforts. It was exciting to hear how God is working in people’s hearts.

Sabbath afternoon was a historic moment as more than 150 singers and musicians took to the University Church platform for a concert with the Oregon Adventist Men’s Chorus. The OAMC was joined by 60 men from the Romanian Adventist Men’s Chorus.

The concert touched many hearts. One concert-goer said, “The men's chorus was almost more than I could endure emotionally, short of falling on my knees right there and pleading for Jesus to come SOON!”

Following camp meeting and additional performances in the Portland-Vancouver area, the combined men's choir headed to Atlanta, Ga., to perform at the General Conference session.

This year marks a transition for the UCC Camp Meeting. This annual event, geared to focus members on the mission of the church, is scheduled to move to Upper Columbia Academy in Spangle, Wash., next year, June 15–18. Mark Finley will be the main evening speaker. More details will be available online at uccsda.org/campmeeting.

August 01, 2010 / Upper Columbia Conference