On the Road to Eternity

'On the Road to Eternity" was presented by Pastor Bob Uhrig, Gladstone Park (Ore.) Church pastor, Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings from April 2–May 2.

Anticipation was high when 27 non-members out of 51 registered for the first Friday night of the series. Throughout the entire series, visitors continued to attend and especially so when invited by church members. Renee Beaulieu, a Portland Adventist Academy student, invited her neighbor Anber Sadia, who came when she chose a particular topic. Staci Nelson, who became an Adventist herself three years ago from evangelistic meetings, says, "I've been bringing my best friend Missi Oslund and her three children to church with us. She has been a Jehovah Witness and is searching for truth."

The meetings presented two overall themes with similar goals but from different perspectives. One theme was presented by Uhrig, who says,"My goal has been to clearly show from the Bible that God knows what the future holds and how what he said would happen. This happened, from the Messianic prophecies fulfilled by Jesus to the predicted kingdoms from Babylon to God's Eternal Kingdom and on to the faithful followers of God depicted as a pure woman and the contrasting woman in scarlet riding on the beast."

Diana Borqstedt an artist from the Hood (Ore.) Church did a painting of a lighthouse at the same time a sermon was given. An artist focuses on one aspect of the painting at a time, but with additional passes over the canvas the picture grows in detail. She says, "My goal was to depict how God started with nothing, then created."

Bible studies are continuing and baptisms are planned for the summer months.

August 01, 2010 / Oregon Conference