PAA Centennial Graduates Receive High Number of Artistic Scholarships

August 01, 2010 | Liesl Vistaunet

Portland Adventist Academy's 100th graduating class received an unusually high number of artistic scholarships and Vernon Nye Artistic Service Awards.

Several years ago Vernon Nye, accomplished artist, illustrator for Pacific Press and former professor of art at both Pacific Union College and Walla Walla College, gifted a valuable painting to PAA. The painting resulted in a scholarship that continues to recognize artistic seniors.

"But the awards aren't just about their artistic abilities," says PAA Art Teacher Mark Kooy, a former student of Nye. "The awards are to specifically recognize the artistic students who use their talent to help and give to others."

MacBooks were awarded to Chantel Mote and Andrew Waters. A PC laptop was given to Erik Peterson. Photography equipment and software were given to Aslan Hodaie and Ben Ashlock. Each of these students has been a positive influence and role model and has given his or her time and talent to help others.

"The computer has been so helpful to me already," says Mote, who used to have to get to school early and stay late to work on projects in the computer labs. "It's made such a difference so far and I know it will really help when I get to Walla Walla."

Expensive art equipment isn't the only thing these graduates received.

Ben Ashlock was awarded $48,000 to the San Francisco Institute of Art. He also was accepted to The University of Edinburgh, a prestigious school in Scotland.

Andrew Waters, founder of PAA's Art Club, was awarded $36,000 to attend Pacific Northwest College of Art. He plans to take advantage of that and someday become an illustrator.

Mackenzie Kessler was awarded $16,000 for Pacific Northwest College of Art. She plans to attend Pacific Union College this fall where she will major in English with an emphasis in writing.

"The MacBook and the scholarship money were both a really big deal to me," says Waters. "I'm the youngest of six kids, and four already went to college, so money is tight. This has taken a load of stress off my back and it's such a help."