Montana Camp Meeting 2010

This year's Montana Camp Meeting was a spiritual blessing for all ages. The adults enjoyed Karl Haffner as the evening meeting speaker. His sense of humor engaged the audience in his thought-provoking talks about understanding, observing, receiving and practicing grace. During the day, camp meeting attendees enjoyed seminars by Paul Richardson, Don Hall and Gordon Botting. Richardson discussed how to reconnect with inactive church members, while Hall explained how easy healthy living can be. Botting tackled the topic of faith and finances. The morning devotionals centered around knowing God, His power and method of service and were given by Bill Tucker. "This camp meeting impressed upon us how much God loves us and how he has done everything for us in order for us to accept his salvation," says John Loor Jr., Montana Conference president.

The children and youth divisions also enjoyed interesting speakers, programs and activities. The Youth division had the opportunity to hear Ken Rogers' enlightening talks on living life abundantly. Earliteens met with rescue and law enforcement personnel in their "Be a Lifesaver" camp meeting program. Juniors learned how to shine for Jesus with stories from Africa and the United States. Even the youngest divisions enjoyed special classes. "It's Beary nice to be healthy and happy" was the theme in the Kindergarten class.

The theme of camp meeting, "Grace Beyond Measure," was seen not only in the meetings, but through The King's Heralds' performance Wednesday evening as well. It set the tone for many other musical performances throughout the week.

This year a clothing drive was added to camp meeting's repertoire. Good-quality clothes were donated by attendees and then organized at the local elementary school gymnasium. Signs advertising free clothing were then stationed outside the school, inviting all, community members and camp meeting attendees, to come and take what they needed.

Every year at the Montana Camp Meeting stories abound of how people are blessed and find the love of God as never before. This year was certainly no exception.

August 01, 2010 / Montana Conference

Katy Meharry and Alix Harris, summer camp staff