Milo Music goes on Midwest Tour

August 01, 2010 | Ellen Morgan

In April, 31 students representing the music department of Milo Adventist Academy traveled to Illinois, Michigan and Indiana for their annual spring music tour. The director, Dwight Morgan, was inspired by a tour taken by Dr. Wheeler and his Milo choir and the album “Lo, God is Here” they produced back in 1960.

This tour was designed to challenge Milo musicians and enable them to experience something above the norm.

The students worked on several fundraising activities, including the sale of the CD version of “Lo! God Is Here.” Copies are still available through the music department.

The group performed at several schools. One that was most memorable to Tawnya Holland, from Roseburg, Ore., was the one at North Shore Junior Academy in Chicago. She says the students' faces "were just glowing with excitement to hear us.” She believed that the Milo students made a lasting impression not only for Milo but for Jesus.

The students were housed by Indiana church members and Kaitlyn Mayne, from Roseburg, Ore., valued her experience with a new Adventist family she stayed with who shared their conversion story and their love for Jesus.

That Sabbath, the performance at La Porte, Ind., resulted in several people taking a stand for Jesus, including Milo students themselves.

Mr. Morgan shares, “It was amazing to see the impact the message in music and meditation had on the audience and students.”

There were two other interesting stops in Chicago that the students enjoyed. The Chicago Museum of Science and Industry was packed with scientific exhibits and actual historical artifacts. Brandon Dahlman, bell ringer from Days Creek, Ore., was awed by the U-boat he saw. He said he learned something about World War I history and it became real for him because some of his family fought in that war.

Another thrilling place to visit was the Skydeck in the Sears Tower, now known as the Willis Tower. The students viewed breathtaking sights of the city of Chicago from the 103rd floor. Added highlights of the trip were touring Andrews University and touring the Historical Adventist Village in Berrien Springs, Mich.

After the Milo students shared songs with the university choir, director Steven Zork gave some valuable pointers to the Milo choir.

“He affirmed what we were doing right and provided us additional techniques to improve our sound,” says Mr. Morgan.

The students enjoyed seeing the health inventions of Dr. Kellogg and walking through James and Ellen White's home. The group was excited to sing in the first Adventist church.

This tour was a memorable bonding and learning experience for the students. Holland sums it up by saying, “This trip taught me that I can be Christ's hands, feet and voice wherever I am.”