Lacey Hosts Depression Recovery Program

Lacey (Wash.) Church recently completed a Depression Recovery Program led by Edward P. Case, a psychiatrist, and his father, Ronald L. Case, a retired allergist. In all, 32 people completed the program.

Participants shared their appreciation with comments such as “I learned to smile again,” or “The Holy Spirit sent this program at just the right time for me.” Participants also liked the holistic approach, which discussed the awareness of critical or negative thoughts, adding exercise each week, decreasing meat intake, recognizing “twisted” thinking and listening to classical music to overcome depression.

Evening sessions paired Neil Nedley’s Depression Recovery DVD with small discussion groups. Adventist health care professionals — Mirna Serby, Richard Faiola, Kevin Fedak, Theresa Johnson, Charles Richert and others — moderated all discussion groups.

"Having these health professionals donate their time to a life-improving community service for over eight weeks contributed to the success of this program," say program leaders.

Participants reported that the course opened their eyes to the causes of depression.

“The class brought out a lot of good ideas on things a person can do to help themselves physically and mentally to overcome depression and achieve peak mental health,” says one attendee.

"The Depression Recovery program pushed me to a better diet,” says another person. “It helped me deal with issues in a more effective and positive manner."

As one participant concludes, “This program helped me trust more fully in God and to let Him take over my life — and leave the worry to Him."

Health professionals in Lacey hope to offer this program again next January to further meet the needs of their community.

August 01, 2010 / Washington Conference