Joint Campuses Engage in Community Outreach Students Inspired to Make a Difference

August 01, 2010 | Linda Taber

Kirkland Adventist School and Puget Sound Adventist Academy in Kirkland, Wash., share a campus and a passion for helping others locally and abroad.

Throughout the school year, students learned how to “become part of the solution” in actively reaching out to individuals who need a hand, are homeless, in nursing homes, are hungry, tired or discouraged. Community projects included gift baskets, visitation, fundraising, food distribution, clean-up projects and much more.

Kirkland elementary students raised more than $800 for Children of the Nations, a national organization that feeds and educates the poorest children in the world, to send 3,320 meals to destitute children in Haiti.

After watching a series of videos from the Invisible Children organization, Puget Sound Adventist Academy students wanted to help Ugandan children who were abducted and forced to become child soldiers.

PSAA students decided to conduct a phone-a-thon, distribute pamphlets, set up an auction, turn their spring banquet into a fundraising event, purchase special T-shirts and make personal donations to help support the effort to end abuse of Ugandan children.

“The project really opened my eyes,” says Jasper Anderson, student body president. “Sometimes we think our childhoods were rough, but we don't really have it so bad. Being involved with the Invisible Children project has inspired me to go and make a difference in my world."