Finding One Thing Milo Adventist Academy Students Choose Baptism

Milo Adventist Academy took its theme for the 2009–2010 school year from Psalm 27:4 — to seek one thing: a relationship with Jesus Christ that will last throughout eternity.

The joy of that theme came home to everyone at Milo the last two weekends of the school year. Two students, Raelyn Myers, from Ocean Park, Wash., and Cassy Clark, from Wrangell, Alaska, were baptized in the Umpqua River on May 22.

During the following graduation weekend, six seniors chose to seek one thing and follow Jesus. Melissa Owens, a three-year student from Fort Jones, Calif., chose to have her baptism Friday night after Consecration services, in the river. Richard Pearson, Milo custodian, crafted Swedish candles, logs burning from within, for light and warmth. Kim Bartholomew, a four-year student from Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho, was rebaptized early Sabbath morning in a quiet celebration down at the river. Alisha Kirk from McMinnville, Ore., chose to be baptized in the baptistery during the Baccalaureate service.

Dawson “Sonny” Mitchell, a three-year student from Susanville, Calif., rejoiced with his parents down at the river Sabbath afternoon. Samantha Johnson, a two-year senior from Albany, Ore., was baptized during the parent tribute time in the baptistery of the Milo church.

The last baptism for this school year was the river rebaptism of Alyssa Talimao, from Scappoose, Ore., after the Class Night activities. Swedish candles again provided light and warmth. But the true light and warmth in the hearts of parents, staff and students at Milo came from knowing that eight students had chosen to truly seek one thing.

August 01, 2010 / Oregon Conference