Evangelism Flourishes in Central Point

Central Point (Ore.) Church members began their plans for this year's evangelistic series early in 2009. They started with the most important element: Prayer, asking God to help them be a light in their neighborhood.

The church divided their community into 12 sections with a member in charge of each section. They began praying for each person represented by the homes within each section and passed out KBLN TV schedules throughout Central Point.

Handbills were mailed to every home in Central Point, and more than 500 handbills were distributed by hand as members personally invited people to come to the meetings.

The meetings, titled "Unlocking Revelation," opened at the Central Point Church on Saturday night, April 24. During the entire series, George White, pastor, gave 16 PowerPoint presentations. Guests were also invited to attend additional Sabbath morning evangelistic presentations.

As a result of the meetings and additional baptismal classes, nine new Shady Point (Ore.) Church members, three SonRise Outreach (Ore.) members and nine Central Point members have been added to the Advent movement through baptism.

Central Point members praise God for each of the 21 people who were baptized in Jesus and feel blessed in their outreach work for Christ.

August 01, 2010 / Oregon Conference