CHIP Program Blesses Coquille

From March 28–April 22, Coquille (Ore.) Church members Kathy Saunders, registered dietitian, and her husband, Greg, surgeon, conducted a Coronary Health Improvement Project seminar at the church. The Coquille Valley Hospital co-sponsored this four-night-a-week CHIP seminar, which drew nearly 40 participants from both the church and the community. Each night featured a full vegan meal; a series of recorded lectures by Hans Diehl, Lifestyle Medicine Institute director; and personalized counseling. Health screens were done at the beginning and end of the series. The Saunders encouraged dynamic exercise and dietary lifestyle improvements, and gave a cookbook and recipe sheets to each student. Many local church members helped out with food, hosting tables, and set up and clean up. They made new friends at each beautifully decorated table.

John Bishop, a table host and diabetic, reported, "I would recommend this program to others because of the dramatic changes in my life. My level of insulin usage dropped by 66 percent; my energy level increased; my overall cholesterol dropped by 33 percent; I lost 10 pounds and two and a half inches off my waist." Herb Kramer, another table host, said, "These classes gave me opportunities to make new friendships with local people and to share Bible truths with them." One participant exclaimed, "Why haven't we known these things years ago? We need to get the entire community involved in this!"

August 01, 2010 / Oregon Conference