Chewelah Hispanic Group Gains Visitors

A group of Hispanic Adventist families have united with the Gospel Commission to initiate a new gathering of believers: Grupo Adventista del Séptimo Dia de Chewelah.

When several families came to northeastern Washington from different parts of the country, they realized that there was no Hispanic work being done.

The closest Hispanic outreach was about two hours away in Spokane, Wash., so these eager believers sought the Lord in prayer. They visited with conference leaders who arranged for the group to settle in the Chewelah Church as an affiliate Sabbath School.

The Hispanic group is active today, and they meet in the fellowship hall for a spiritual meal every Sabbath in their native tongue. But it gets even better. Visitors are already attending regularly, delighted to learn about God every week and hear the counsel in all areas of life, such as health, nutrition, spiritual growth and well-being.

The Chewelah group is excited about the possibilities that God has for them as they labor together to hasten the soon coming of their Lord. They are eager to share with everyone in the area about the hope of salvation and the everlasting truths of the gospel.

August 01, 2010 / Upper Columbia Conference