Students Lead Cheney Reaping Event

Upper Columbia Academy students proved Ellen G. White correct when she wrote, “We have an army of youth today who can do much if they are properly directed and encouraged."1 UCA students participated in an evangelism series in Cheney, Wash., April 30–May 15.

The students organized and executed each of the meetings. From music to child care and preaching the Gospel, UCA students took an active role in sharing the Three Angels' Message to an average group of nearly 50 people.

“The goal of these meetings is to give our students the opportunity to see the cycle of evangelism and to be actively involved in sharing Jesus with their community,” says Ken Wetmore, UCA pastor and Cheney Church senior pastor.

It was evident the devil was not supportive of this idea. The Wednesday before the truth about the Sabbath was shared, the student speaker for that topic broke his ankle playing soccer. At the last minute, someone stepped in and several people accepted the truth of the Sabbath for the first time.

God also showed His power during the last Friday evening meeting. Some noise was heard coming from outside of the church. Three community children were playing on the church’s storage container. They were invited to come into the meetings and join the children's program.

“Awesome!” one of the boys yelled, “let me go ask my mom!” Ten minutes later they returned, and brought their mom. The next morning they were in church right on time.

After hearing the sermon on hell, the mother said to one church member, “Do you guys really believe this? This is the best presentation on hell I’ve heard. I like it! If you guys believe this, I’m going to start coming to your church!”

Seeing young people taking each night’s messages and making them their own was priceless. The Holy Spirit took that gift and multiplied it. By the end of the meetings, four people had committed their lives to Christ and wanted to be baptized. But more than that, the teenagers were changed.

Jordan Wagner, a freshman, says, “Because of sharing in these meetings, I see that I can be used by God, and I want him to continue using me the rest of my life!”

1. Ellen G. White, Christian Service, 30