Pathfinder Fair Streams Live in Oregon

The Oregon Conference chose to have the 2010 Pathfinder Fair as its first major event streamed live via the Internet. More than 350 cyber viewers from all over the country accumulated nearly 10,000 minutes of viewing as they enjoyed the event from afar.

The 2010 Oregon Conference Pathfinder Fair, held May 16 at the Albany Events Center, began with the sound of marching feet passing before Tracy Wood, Oregon Conference director of Pathfinders; Monte Torkelsen, youth director; Al Reimche, president; and a host of proud parents. The marching clubs pulled floats displaying honors such as horsemanship, engine repair, shells, electronics, rockets, sewing and camping.

“Attention!” shouted the drill sergeant. Next was the drill down. Drill teams showed their ability to work together, follow instructions and discipline themselves to do their very best.

“At Ease!”

Lunch options were plentiful. Many of the clubs had food stands to raise money for their club. There were veggie burgers, corn dogs, pizza, pies, fruit smoothies, mangos and much more.

Following afternoon relay races and activities, the day wound down with the awards ceremony, as ribbons, trophies and congratulations were awarded to individuals and clubs. Those there and watching via the Internet were impressed again with the ongoing Pathfinder theme "Courage to Stand."

July 01, 2010 / Oregon Conference