Coeur d'Alene Church Presents "The CHOICE" An Easter Community Outreach

When you read a Bible story, it is interesting and meaningful, but when you actually experience it played out it takes on an entirely new dimension of value and significance. In response to Upper Columbia Conference's challenge to "Share the Life," the members of the Coeur d'Alene Seventh-day Adventist church presented "The CHOICE", an Easter Musical, as a free gift and outreach to the community. In a total of three nightly performances over Easter weekend, nearly 800 people witnessed an authentic portrayal of the ministry, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Heartfelt acting and musical melodies tugged at the heart. The secondary storyline is of a Jewish girl named Hannah and a Roman centurion, Marcus, who fall in love. As Marcus becomes fatefully intertwined in the tumultuous events leading to the execution of Jesus, he weighs the words and example of Christ against the wealth and power of Rome. In the balance hung...The Choice.

Directed by Associate Pastor M. Dauncey, preparation for the performance began in January. Nearly 75 people ages five to 60 made up the cast and supporting team. Managing schedules, scene and music selections, and keeping the attention of all the children was quite the task! The Holy Spirit was definitely at work throughout the entire process. Seemingly shy and quiet members became actors and actresses playing their parts in the story of Jesus. We learned to depend on each other and function as a team.

At the end of each performance the audience was challenged to make a choice of their own. Would they choose Jesus Christ and accept His sacrifice for them? Numerous people responded on comment cards with prayer requests, some wanting to learn more about Jesus. Over half of those in attendance were from the community. This production served as a way to witness about God's grace and to introduce our church to the community who may not have known about us. The expressions of gratitude we received and the tears on many faces as they left the sanctuary made all the hard work worthwhile.