Bean Auction Raises Money for Worthy Student Fund

The constituent churches of Junction City, Veneta and Santa Clara, Ore., held a soup supper and auction at the Junction City Family Life Center to support Countryside Christian School's worthy-student fund. The March 6 event was organized by Angela Walters with the help of the students of the school. The auctioneer was Carolyn Fields.

Participants brought three or more items for the auction. They received 100 dried pinto beans in a ziplock bag from one of the students and a little sign on a stick that said "Countryside Christian School Bean Auction Supporter." They used these little signs for bidding.

Those who came for supper were able to peruse the merchandise. Some items were hot, and the bids were as high as 75 beans. Many things went for 10–20 beans. People pooled and shared their beans to help someone else get what they wanted. The energy was fun. There were about 50 participants so it took nearly two hours to auction everything off. It was especially fun to watch the students bid on items they wanted.

Suggested donations for the soup supper was $5 for adults and $3 for children 12 and younger. The event brought in $300 in donations for the worthy-student fund.

July 01, 2010 / Oregon Conference