Skagit Students Raise Funds for Mission Well

June 01, 2010 | Kari Stickle

The eighth-grade class at Skagit Adventist School in Burlington, Wash., found an idea for a class mission project several months ago.

The class decided to raise money to install a well after hearing Sebastian Tirtirau, founder of Pilgrim Relief Society, speak about his mission work in the Kalahari Desert and how the San Bushmen survive on less than six ounces of water a day.

Each solar-powered well costs $4,500 to purchase and install. Students brought in spare change for the change jar and recycled scrap metal to raise a few hundred dollars. The class also decided to present the project to surrounding churches by creating a video.

After each video presentation, the students passed out M&M candy containers for church members to fill with quarters and return to the students. The result was amazing! Donations reached more than $4,000.

"It was fun to watch all of the money come in," says Quinn Lindell, student. "The people were really nice and generous in their giving."

Matthew Lee, Skagit teacher, deposited $5,252 into Tirtirau's bank account for the mission project, just days before the missionary returned to the Kalahari. Tirtirau plans to send back news and pictures of the well and the people who are affected.

David Morales, student, says, "I loved realizing that the Bushmen would be blessed."