Share the Life Seminars Bring People Closer to Christ

Our personal relationship with Christ is the most important aspect of any outreach we undertake. In order to share, we must first have something to give away.

Share the Life, the Upper Columbia Conference evangelism initiative, encourages members to renew their relationship with Christ. This renewed passion for Jesus fuels the ability and desire to share with others.

One way Share the Life is helping members renew their relationship with Christ is through revival meetings held by Lee Venden, conference revivalist and pastor, and his wife, Marji.

The Yakima (Wash.) Church recently hosted a series with Venden. The series entitled, “All About Jesus Revival Seminar,” reminded those in attendance that Jesus is the central theme of Scripture and that "The Truth" is really a person. Everything we believe or hold dear can be found in Him. Experiencing a meaningful relationship with Him changes our entire outlook on life.

The meetings began on Friday night and attendance steadily grew throughout the week. In addition to visitors and former Adventists, a good number of children were also in attendance and eagerly followed the stories and sermons each evening.

Harry Sharley, Yakima Church pastor, was impressed at how the Vendens effectively communicated the wonderful truth that Jesus is deeply interested in each of us. “What impressed me most was how Lee and Marji brought every belief we have back to Jesus,” says Sharley. “Lee encouraged each of us to discover a personal relationship with Him.”

Lee and Marji Venden have worked as a revivalist team for UCC since 2008. Their seminars are offered as an aid to pastors and churches, encouraging members to grow in their personal walk with Christ. The Vendens' presentations are characterized by clear, practical suggestions about how to develop and deepen a meaningful relationship with Jesus.

The Vendens are holding meetings all year throughout UCC. To find out if there will be a series taking place near you, visit