Friday Harbor Hosts Earth Day Creation Fest

The Friday Harbor (Wash.) Church hosted an Earth Day Creation Fest in April for their island community. This is the small congregation's third year hosting.

"This event makes a positive impact in the community and for the church family," says William Hurtado, pastor. "The Adventist message is at the core of our presentations about God as our Creator."

Part of the church's property is used to host the San Juans Community Gardens, and church leaders invited the gardeners connected with each plot to attend the Earth Day Creation Fest. Most of the gardeners and some community guests attended the special event.

The Creation Fest featured community fellowship, homemade food, music about creation and a sermon about how Earth Day is meant to honor the Great Gardener, Jesus Christ.

Marty Ahart, Community Gardens executive director, organized a Garden Open House with tours and a scavenger hunt to educate guests about how compost, dirt, sun, water and seed make a beautiful garden. Ahart received the Gardener of the Year award for her hard work in developing the Community Gardens.

June 01, 2010 / Washington Conference

Heidi Martella, Washington Conference communication director, with William Hurtado, Friday Harbor Church pastor