Enterprise Team Reaches Out to Bangladesh

Like the woman in the Bible who bled for years without a cure, Amala (name has been changed) wondered if it would be of any use to go to the makeshift clinic arranged in the middle of a beetle nut grove. Her Hindu husband encouraged her to go, saying, “They will touch you and you will be healed!” Amala came and shared her problem and fears. Could she really be healed? Could her life return to normal? Would her husband accept her again?

Lola Kissinger, physician's assistant, did touch her and shared with the Hindu woman the story of the woman in the Bible who, through faith, touched the hem of Christ’s robe and was healed. Then they prayed together, asking for the same healing power to touch Amala’s life.

In March, a 26-member team from Enterprise, Ore., went to Bangladesh to be the practical hands and feet of God’s love. The group hoped barriers could be broken down in a country where Christians are often looked upon with suspicion. They found no better way to topple barriers than by easing the physical needs that cause concern in the Bangladeshi people's daily struggle to survive.

The team conducted a two-week medical- and dental-mission trip to Bangladesh. In addition to the medical and dental clinics, glasses were dispensed. Many found seeing the joy that comes to people's faces when their vision is restored thrilling.

Vacation Bible School programs were conducted at the Bangla Hope Orphanage and surrounding villages where children were from Hindu and Muslim homes.

The team thought the greatest blessings would be giving to those in need. However, the real blessings were the changes in their own hearts and lives after ministering to the impoverished people of Bangladesh. They now thank God for little things in life like running water, indoor plumbing, a local supermarket and even traffic laws!

June 01, 2010 / Idaho Conference