Students Raise Funds for Haiti

With images and stories from Haiti dominating the news, Larry Arnott, Mountain View Christian School principal in Sequim, Wash., decided to use this tragedy as an exercise in compassion for the school's 20 students. When he asked the boys and girls, ages 6–14, if they'd like to help, the answer was a resounding "Yes!"

"My first reaction was, are the people there okay?" says Sam Manders, age 14. "And my second reaction was, what do the towns look like after the earthquake?"

The students chose to raise money by placing donation containers in the Sequim Adventist Church and Eastern Hills Community Church, both in Sequim, Wash., where students attend. Students created the containers, progress charts and posters advertising the project. In all, students raised $540 for Adventist Development and Relief Agency's work in Haiti.

"I thought it was sad about Haiti and I wanted to be generous with my things and share," says John Cotter, age 12.

In addition to what adults donated, the students were encouraged to do small jobs to earn money or to give of their allowances, making this a personal lesson in applying their Christianity to the world, as well as showing compassion to strangers.

May 01, 2010 / Washington Conference