Roundup Holds Sweethearts' Valentine Dinner

Every year for the last four years, the Roundup (Mont.) Adventist Church has sponsored a Valentine’s dinner. Though it is focused on couples, singles also enjoy good fellowship, food and a few laughs at the expense of married couples.

It is the goal of the church to allow the community to get to know them better and to become comfortable with them as individuals. Members keep the evening pleasant and sociable, without having to conform to a stereotypical social activity. Though members do not present a religious platform, guests know it is a Christian function.

Most guests are familiar with the evening’s events, since many of them attend annually. Food is prepared and provided by some of the women attending.

There is a time to mingle and greet friends before dinner. Once food is set out and ready, Bill Whitney, pastor, asks the blessing. Once people have filled their plates from the buffet and are seated, the talking begins. The room hums with chatter and laughter. In all, the dinner turns out to be a fun, friendly function which is spreading slowly through town. This year there were more than 37 people in attendance. Reservations are necessary and the church receives new callers each year.

The Sweethearts Valentine's Dinner brings many faiths together in a evening of enjoyment and good fellowship.

May 01, 2010 / Montana Conference