Pioneering Incentive Plan Discounts UCA Tuition

Upper Columbia Academy in Spangle, Wash., is announcing a new opportunity for financial assistance to all students and their families while saving on tuition.

The pioneering program, Tuition Incentive Plus, offers families the option to incrementally reduce their student’s tuition over time. The longer the enrollment, the greater the financial benefit.

Under TIP, first-year students pay full tuition. The second year, they receive a 20 percent tuition discount. The third and fourth year, discounts are even more dramatic: 30 and 50 percent, respectively.

“I’m convinced the Lord has had direct involvement in us thinking out of the box,” says Weston Davis, the Spokane, Wash., business man who came up with the plan. “Many of our young people are not attending Adventist schools because their families simply can’t afford it. I really believe TIP can make a big difference for these families.”

Debbie Nelson, UCA's vice president for finance, agrees with Davis. “TIP has the potential to revolutionize Christian Adventist education, making it more affordable for families in these difficult times,” she says.

Troy Patzer, UCA principal, emphasizes how TIP brings extra support for families and recognizes the significant investment families make when they enroll their students in UCA.

“We’re excited about the potential TIP has to give more students continued access to a Christian Adventist education,” says Patzer. “This plan is especially geared for students not currently attending an Adventist school and those who do not have access to a local Adventist school.”

For more information about TIP, visit or call 509-245-3600.