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Earth Friendly Faith a Hit

Dan Serns' article, "Earth Friendly Faith," in April's GLEANER, was a welcome and happy surprise. Sometimes we get caught up in trendy, politically correct movements just because we're living here in this place and time. But rather than joining the lockstep masses, Dan is way out in front with this approach, which addresses all aspects of our reason for being here on God's beautiful planet: physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. I love this philosophy — thank you, Dan.

Alice Kirkman, Auburn, Wash.

A Vote for Accion

I, too, have noticed the Accion page each month. Personally, I think it is great. If only there were a way to do more. In 1967 I was drafted into the army and rubbed shoulders with Spanish speaking young men. Try and put yourself in their place. Pretend that you don't speak English, yet every month you receive a magazine from your beloved church and only one page is in a language you understand. If you are lucky maybe you have a friend that can translate for you. What a wonderful day that will be when we can understand each other perfectly.

Daniel Fry, North Bend, Ore.

Let's Talk about the Spirit

I appreciated some of the thoughts shared in January's Let's Talk article about the Holy Spirit, "The Spirit is Still Willing." So now is anyone brave enough, bold enough, serious enough, to start wrestling with the issue of why the Spirit is NOT being poured out, and what God wants to do in us to prepare us for it?

Cheryl Whiley, Caldwell, Idaho

May 01, 2010 / Intersections