Oregon Governor Signs Religious Apparel Bill

In an affirmation of efforts by the Northwest Religious Liberty Association and other groups, Oregon Gov. Ted Kulongoski signed Oregon House Bill 3686 into law on April 1. This provides protections for the wearing of religious apparel by public school teachers in their classrooms and repeals Oregon's blanket prohibition dating back to 1925. The legislation was initiated by NRLA, the Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon, the Oregon Family Council and the Portland State University Muslim Student Association. Rep. Dave Hunt, speaker of the house, was a chief sponsor of the bill, along with the departments of Education and Labor.

Gladstone Camp Meeting Cancelled This Year

"This has been an extremely hard decision to make considering the value and blessing camp meeting has been to so many of our members," says Al Reimche, conference president, "but without the funds being available, we feel to move ahead would be irresponsible."

Conference leaders set a goal of $250,000 in member pledges to be raised by March 20, in order for the camp meeting to go on as scheduled. When pledges received totaled less than $80,000, Oregon Conference administrators decided to cancel the event.

Reimche says leadership looked carefully at other options, such as running a reduced event, but realized much of the normal preparation and infrastructure would still need to be present — resulting in relatively minor savings. See page 12 for more information.

May 01, 2010 / Intersections