Children Send Balloons Aloft

Woodland (Wash.) Church took on a festive appearance as Tommie Estes walked down the aisle holding large bunches of balloons. Children followed her eagerly, reaching for the color they wanted. Then the fun began as children signed their names to slips of paper, which read:

"Do you want to make a new start this new year? Invite Jesus into your life. We, your friends of the Woodland Church, (address and phone number), invite you to come and worship with us on any Saturday, 9–12 a.m. We will have a wonderful meal afterward. Please bring this card with you so I can greet you personally. Sincerely, (child's signature)."

These cards were placed in a small Ziploc bags and tied to balloons.

Trouping out to the front of the church, the children released balloons with a lot of laughter and cheering. Two weeks later, a hunter called the church and said he had found a balloon near Kennewick, Wash. He wanted a little girl, Darby, to know he found her note and to thank her.

Needless to say little Darby was delighted as were the rest of the children. About a month later the balloon ministry was repeated, but so far no one else has responded.

May 01, 2010 / Oregon Conference