Butte Surpasses CAA Goal ... 'Bearly'

Students at Columbia Adventist Academy in Battle Ground, Wash., have seen God's blessings with the transformation of their campus. But in a "bear market," and desiring to "bear" the burden of completing the payment of the new classroom and administration building, Matthew Butte, CAA principal, decided to undergo a transformation few have experienced.

It was just a year ago Butte had shaved his head to bring in $50,000 for the building campaign. In sticking with the theme of a bare head, he chose to move the vowels and "bear" his head in an effort to raise another $50,000. What did he get himself into this time? A bear suit. CAA's Kody the Kodiak bear suit. Thinking outside the box is necessary these days, but thinking inside the Kody suit is really unique, and that's how Butte ran the Portland Shamrock Run on March 14, with a sponsorship of $10,000 per kilometer from alumni, students, staff and CAA friends. In response to doing crazy things for money, Butte says, "If it isn't illegal, immoral, unethical or life-threatening, I'm willing to try anything once in order to raise funds for the CAA building. This includes running into parked cars and other runners, as the peripheral vision in that suit was zero." Fortunately, Butte had assistants to help guide him and finished the 5 km without major incident. He helped CAA realize more than $80,000 more toward the building fund.

While CAA students recognize God's transforming power is eternal, they're glad Butte's transformation and the school debt are merely temporary.

May 01, 2010 / Oregon Conference