Pathfinder Teen Leadership Trainees Attend Annual Convention

The Oregon Pathfinder Teen Leadership Training took place Jan. 22–24 at the Milwaukie Evangelical Center in Milwaukie, Ore. Pathfinder teens, grades 9–12, came together to learn how to be leaders. Forty-seven TLTs were there to learn from more than 40 mentors who came together. Nineteen clubs participated.

Al Reimche, Oregon Conference president, not only gave a worship talk but also did a seminar for the TLT mentors called "Insights into Mentoring: Purposeful Proximity."

Some of the different training tracks provided included: camping, administration, outreach, class levels and honors.

In the Camping with Purpose class, participants not only learned how and where to go for camping trips, they also learned how to plan time with God.

One of the questions asked at the Meaningful Worships class was, "If Jesus came to your door, what would be your conversation?" Some teens said they would be awestruck, dumbfounded, and others said; "What did I do wrong?" or "I am so glad you are here." Yet another said, "Were you there with me when I went through that situation?"

The Coordinating Class Levels class showed the TLTs how to get involved with leading their clubs and encouraged each other to take charge. They were challenged to make things happen. A statement the leader brought out was, "If it is going to be ... It's gotta be up to me."

Reimche's worship talk, "Ten Degrees off Mission," was made up of several stories such as Amelia Earhart who, on her last flight, was only ten degrees off making it to the island to refuel. Moses — called to be a leader, got slightly off course and how long did it take him to get back on mission? 40 years. "Don't take your eyes off Jesus" Reimche reminded the TLTs. "You are leaders and God is calling you. Remember to stay on track."

Sabbath afternoon the TLTs went by groups and "Got Lost with the Lost" sharing encouragement cards around the Portland, Ore., area with whoever they met.

Sunday morning TLTs and mentors wrapped up the weekend by making plans about how they will fulfill the TLT class assignments back in their own Pathfinder clubs.

April 01, 2010 / Oregon Conference