Montana Students Fund One-Day Church

April 01, 2010 | Deanna Harris

Take one part Blodget View Christian School combined with Mission Projects, Inc. and add Maranatha International and it equals one new church for a small village in Belize Central America. The people of San Joaquin used to meet under a tarp in a local elders backyard, now they have a structure to call their own.

Last school year an inspiring mission story shared by Larry Belknap, pastor, got students of Blodgett View in Hamilton, Mont., excited about raising funds to build a One-Day Church. Students worked for members of the Hamilton Church congregation. From moving rocks and pulling weeds to picking up broken branches and limbs after a storm, no job was too messy or too hard. Their efforts resulted in over $750 dollars for the church project. A pie auction sponsored by the Home and School Association completed the $1,500 needed for a One-Day Church.

Blodgett View sent their hard-earned money to Mission Projects, Inc. In December 2009, Maranatha International shipped a container holding 37 One-Day churches to Belize, where Mission Projects, Inc. oversaw the work projects which were scattered all over the small country of Belize.

Archie Harris, Montana Educational superintendent and his family were able to participate in the construction process, making the Montana connection complete from start to finish.