UCA Celebrates Heritage Weekend

March 01, 2010

In addition to quality academics, Upper Columbia Academy, in Spangle, Wash., has a reputation for spiritual excellence.

A decade or so ago, a group of staff decided it was important to help students appreciate their Adventist heritage. It was then Heritage Weekend was born. Covering topics such as early church leaders, the Sabbath and the importance of the Spirit of Prophecy, students, staff and guest speakers highlight the weekend theme through drama, music and presentations.

This year’s focus was the heritage of God’s promises — His covenants with His people — and how He always keeps His promises. The weekend of Jan. 15–16 illustrated the vivid contrast between what happens in peoples’ lives when they do things God’s way and when they go their own way.

Presenters highlighted Old Testament characters like Noah, Abraham, Moses and David, and characters from later in history such as Martin Luther, the Waldensians and Constantine. Each speaker researched and wrote their own five- to seven-minute script before performing in full costume — wigs, make-up and all.

Gayle Haeger, UCA biology teacher, who helped begin the Heritage Weekend concept, says, “The events that started our church were long ago and most students are unaware of the study and sacrifice that were a part of the formation of our church … We hope these programs will help them realize how precious their heritage is.”

In the end, that is the goal … to pass along the spiritual heritage we are privileged to claim, helping students to understand where they come from and inspiring confidence in where they are going.