Senior Project Leaves a Legacy

March 01, 2010 | Liesl Vistaunet

As Portland Adventist Academy prepares to graduate its 100th class, some of the school's seniors are preparing their senior projects with the hope of leaving a legacy that will last another 100 years.

Katie Sulzle's project will. Sulzle spent nearly 40 hours hand-carving a twelve-foot cedar school sign using nothing more than chisels, a mallet and U-gouges. "It was a challenge at times," says Sulzle. "And I nearly cut myself a few times. But being that involved with a piece of nature is really calming and relaxing."

"What is so neat about this project," says Joan Oksenholt, PAA teacher, "was that it was her way to give back to the PAA community in such a personal way."

Sulzle's sign will be part of her legacy as an alumna. "I'm so proud to be a part of PAA's 100th graduating class," she says. "This school has really helped to grow my leadership skills in ways I didn't think were possible." Her sign, in a way, is a tribute to that growth.

The relief carving was recently hung above the school's south entrance and now welcomes students, staff, parents, alumni and visitors alike.