"Kingdom Men" Attend Conference

March 01, 2010 | Cheri Corder

“What does it mean to be a real man?” was the primary challenge that Dan Matthews presented to the men attending the 2009 Oregon Men’s Conference Nov. 14–15, 2009, in Gladstone, Ore. He shared from both his personal life and from the Bible during the retreat themed “Kingdom Men,” especially in men’s roles as husbands and fathers.

In addition to Matthews’ three presentations, a session on pornography was held. This session, led by a panel, was made up of five fast-paced components: personal testimony; an overview of an effective resource for dealing with pornography; a panel discussion; a testimony on finding victory through Christ; and a season of prayer.

“I never would have attended a specific workshop on pornography,” several men commented. “However, this was a powerful presentation, and I needed it. Thank you for addressing this difficult subject in a general session.”

As a surprise bonus, the men enjoyed an opportunity to read dozens of messages written to them by women who had attended the women’s retreat three weeks earlier. Messages included:

“Thank you for being our men and for standing strong in this world …”

“Men of God are a true treasure! We need you …”

The messages were posted in the back of the auditorium and generated significant interest.

“We want to write messages to the women,” some urged, and so papers were distributed, and many notes were written with the promise that they would be posted on the conference Web site. Some of the messages the men wrote to the women were:

“There is nothing on earth that is more wonderful than a godly woman …”

“Thank you for being the symbol of the Holy Spirit in our homes …”

To read all of those messages and to see photos from the conference, visit www.oregonconference.org and click on “Departments” then “Men’s Ministries.”

Excitement is already building for the 2010 Oregon Men’s Conference which will be held Nov. 12–3, 2010, in Gladstone with pastors George Gainer and Gary Parks teaming up as featured speakers.