Tri-City Junior Academy Class Feeds Hungry Children

February 01, 2010 | Anthony Oucharek

When Tri-City Junior Academy's, in Pasco, Wash., first- and second-grade teacher, Verna Canaday, heard about the Adventist Development and Relief Agency's offer to match six dollars to every dollar donated for the cause of feeding hungry children in third world countries, she knew her students needed to get involved.

When Canaday shared the opportunity with the first- and second-graders, they decided they wanted to raise $200 to give to ADRA rather than exchange gifts among themselves. With their $200 added to the promised matching funds, they planned to end with a total of $1,400 — a large sum for a handful of children.

They hosted a school-wide bake sale that netted almost $175 for the campaign. This meant they only had to bring a dollar each on their party day to reach the goal. But instead of being content, they expanded their goal. They advertised their campaign and finished by bringing not only their own money but also additional offerings from church members and parents. In all, the students had gained $668.77. With the matching funds, TCJA students and their supporters raised a total of $4,681.39.

They are grateful to all who supported this vision, parents who baked, church members who opened wallets, and fellow students who gave up exchanging presents to help others instead.