Skagit Develops Caring Citizens

Skagit Adventist School in Burlington, Wash., implemented a service-oriented extra-curricular program this school year.

Every Wednesday afternoon, the school provides a service activity. As the program is completely voluntary, the volunteer groups are different each week with some students becoming regular volunteers.

Projects include yard work for a needy family, cooking and serving food at a local shelter, and marking storm drains for the county conservation office.

In addition, student volunteers washed fire engines and a police vehicle, distributed collection bags for holiday food baskets in collaboration with the local Pathfinder club, and volunteered at the local Humane Society.

"I like to help other people," says Mariah Benedict, sixth-grade student.

After the Skagit student volunteers helped a family who needed yard clean-up assistance, the family showed up for church to ask for more information about Seventh-day Adventists.

"It is fun doing construction and clearing work and I enjoy helping the community," says Jesse Paul, a seventh-grade student. "My favorite project was the yard work."

This outreach program has been a great way for the community to learn about Skagit Adventist School and North Cascade Church. Students are learning to be better stewards of God's creation and to be more responsible, caring citizens.

February 01, 2010 / Washington Conference