God Got His Lawn Mower Back

When someone stole a riding lawn mower from the storage shed at the Yelm (Wash.) Adventist Church on or around March 11 last year, they didn't reckon on divine intervention. Di Chappell, church office manager, related this story to the GLEANER.

Feeling moved to use the new church sign, a church member put out the plea on the church's outdoor signboard on Friday the 13th.

Sabbath morning, a woman who had seen the sign called the church just before services began. The mower was in her field. Apparently her neighbor had stolen the rig and was in the process of trying to sell it when he was arrested by federal police on other charges. The woman took the mower, parked it on her property and called the police and the church.

Ben Lewis, head elder, who went to recover the mower, came back all smiles. It seems the mower had two flat tires when stolen but now sported two "like new" tires. Chappell says, "God must have a sense of humor. We serve an awesome God!"

February 01, 2010 / Perspective