Giving: The Lifeblood of Columbia Adventist Academy

At the end of a $6.2-million-dollar-capital-campaign tunnel at Columbia Adventist Academy, one might think it's all about the money, but that couldn't be further from the truth. A key component of Columbia's mission is "to develop students who are caring citizens with a desire to serve God and others."

Music groups; church worship leadership; elementary school worships; a Christmas program for local, underprivileged Head Start children; blood drives; Invisible Children Inc., an outreach to help create a safe learning environment for children in Uganda; mission trips to Appalachia with the Meadow Glade Adventist Church and to an orphanage in Mexico with International Children's Care; community service with the Family Education Center, Oregon Food Bank, Shepherd's door; and many other opportunities allow students to put Christianity into practice by becoming God's hands, feet and mouthpieces.

It isn't all "give" though. The school has received immeasurable gifts of time, energy and money from the school family and community. They've been inspired by Craig Blanchette, bronze medalist in the '88 Olympics, and Invisible Children "roadies" who encouraged them to step out of their comfort zones. They've also been blessed by the volunteers with Seniors in Action for God with Excellence who painted outbuildings to match the new facility, and volunteers who tutor students. And finally, they've been blessed by many donors, both named and anonymous, who have sacrificed generously for current and future students.

Giving is about a lifestyle, modeled by alumni and friends of CAA, and then transmitted.

February 01, 2010 / Oregon Conference