Gem State Student Speaks Out for Christ

February 01, 2010 | Ellissa Nelson

I paused, my eyes dancing and my hands in the air, mid-motion. The children leaned forward eagerly awaiting the answer to my question. As speaker for the Sept.14–18, 2009, Week of Prayer at Caldwell (Idaho) Adventist Elementary School, I was enjoying every minute of it. Finishing my talk, I reiterated the points of the last several days. I broke the 76 students up into groups by class and invited them to pray together. This happened every day for five days.

To reinforce my point and give the children something to remember, I donned a different costume every day. During Wednesday's theme for example, I told of today's superheroes, why Jesus is the best superhero of all time, and how we can be superheroes for Christ. I wore the cape, mask, boots, and elbow-length gloves of the common superhero, not to mention the notes and the Bible.

When my planned musical help bailed right before the week began, I was grateful two capable musicians: James Fesler, assistant chaplain; and Kelsey Fleming, a fellow classmate; volunteered to help.

Several weeks later, a little boy approached me at a local church and exclaimed: "Hey! I remember you! You are Robin Hood, and a cowgirl, and a superhero, and an Indian, and the princess!" I instantly knew he was a student at Caldwell. "That was so much fun!" he reflected with a wide smile.

The February before, I was one of the speakers for a Gem State Academy evangelistic series. That experience stirred a passion for preaching within me. Now I always want the Spirit with me, using me to speak for Jesus.