Carpenter in the Kitchen Sharing Christ One Meal at a Time

An important component of reaching our community for Christ is finding ways to serve as His hands and feet. Our service to others builds relationships and opens hearts to the gospel. That's what Mike Linderman has discovered in his unique outreach in Moscow, Idaho.

For eight years, Linderman has served as executive chef (meal planning, ordering of food, soliciting food donations and organizing volunteers) for Moscow Friendly Neighbors, a senior meals ministry in Moscow, sponsored by the Area Agency on Aging. Twice a week, he helps provide 75–80 meals to the older population of Moscow.

Linderman, who averages more than 30 volunteer hours a week, humbly says, "I don't know much about cooking, but I leave it up to the Lord. I'm just a carpenter making meals. I'm impressed what to do, and I just do it. It sounds crazy, but it's amazing what the Lord will do when we just trust."

His service is making a difference for many Moscow residents. The diners say his nutritionally sound meals, which include four to five salads, "... are the best food around."

Linderman knows this community service is more than about food. He says, "It's the only social contact some of these older community members have!" In addition, he often gets requests he is not sure how to fill and is able to share his witness. "I tell them the Lord will provide, and He always seems to come through."

February 01, 2010 / Upper Columbia Conference