Billings Features All-Youth All-Night Lock-in

Following an outpouring of requests for more youth programs and activities, the Billings (Mont.) Adventist Church made plans for an all-youth, all-night lock-in at the church on Oct. 31, 2009. It was set to begin immediately following the first family/game night of the year. The family activities began at 6 p.m. and the lock-in began at 9.

The lock-in began with snacks and a short DVD worship presentation. The presentation asked the question "Why Jesus?" Following the DVD Brad Brown, pastor; and Craig Leach, Billings youth director; lead out in a discussion. This was followed by some singing with guitars, campfire style, and a get-better-acquainted-activity. The activity required youth to discover answers to four questions about someone they were paired with at random. Later in the evening, they had opportunity to test their memories. In addition, youth got moving in an attempt at a grand march followed by some volleyball. The volleyball continued until everyone was thoroughly tired out.

The last thing before bedtime, everyone watched Over the Hedge. Everyone then hit the sack around midnight, and it was "lights out."

Volunteers arrived early the next morning to prepare a breakfast including pancakes with peaches, eggs and potatoes. Many thanks go to the volunteers who provided the feast.

Following breakfast, parents began to arrive to pick up their children. There was no shortage of energy exhibited in spite of their late night.

February 01, 2010 / Montana Conference