Portland Adventist Academy Students Learn Cutting Edge Science

January 01, 2010 | Liesl Vistaunet

Portland Adventist Academy honors anatomy and physiology students recently witnessed a heart surgery at the Oregon Health and Science University. The experience was highlighted with a lecture from Albert Starr, inventor of the heart valve.

Visiting cutting-edge facilities and meeting life-saving scientists and doctors might be rare for the average high school student, but Adventist educators go above and beyond to have their students appreciate the science of saving lives.

"Learning from a textbook has value," says Terry Verlo, head of the PAA science department. "But when a student can view a live heart surgery on a real patient, the experience brings the value of learning to a much higher level."

The dream of becoming a surgeon isn't the only reason a student would benefit from taking anatomy and physiology at PAA. "I know I'm not going into a science career," says Hannah King, student. "But I want to be in the class because it's challenging me and making me better."

Classmates agree. "I was really excited to take this class because it's preparing me for college," says Reneé Bealieu. "At the end of this year, I know I'm going to feel really accomplished."