The Disciple Ship

The Disciple Ship, a partnership of the Upper Columbia Conference Children’s Ministry and Education departments and the North American Division of Children’s Ministry, sailed into harbor at Camp MiVoden, Friday, Oct. 9, 2009. With nine presenters and 22 seminars, a frequently overheard comment echoed in the halls, “How can I decide which seminar to attend?”

Keynote speaker Linda Caviness, Seventh-day Adventist educator and brain researcher, shared insights into cutting-edge research that shows humans are “wired” for a relationship with God. A potpourri of topics included teaching children to pray, leading a child to Christ, making God real to today’s children and grace-based leadership. Active and hands-on classes included creative arts, craft labs, creative Bible learning activities and children’s service projects.

“When I came, I was at the end of ideas, very discouraged. I didn’t know where to go next with children,” said one children’s ministry leader. “Now, I have so many ideas. I am really excited to get home and get busy.”

The weekend retreat demonstrated that teachers, parents and children’s ministry leaders share the same goal — reaching children and teens for Jesus and eternity.

The next Disciple Ship II is planned for Oct. 8–10, 2010 at Camp MiVoden.

January 01, 2010 / Upper Columbia Conference