Women's Retreat Builds Trust in God

Early on Friday, Oct. 9, more than 130 women trekked across snow covered roads and vast distances for the 2009 Montana Conference Women's retreat. Excitement built as friends made the trip together, laughing, talking, singing and praying to Fairmont Hot Springs (between Anaconda and Butte, Mont.) for the weekend.

Participants were able to enjoy old and new friendships and relax in the hot spring's pools. With temperatures in the low 20s during the day, dipping to near single digits at night, women let the snow fall and their hair get icy while enjoying the warm bubbling water. Walking near the pool, it was difficult to see anyone through the rising steam, but you could hear laughter and talking.

Esmie Branner, author of the book Beyond the Veil of Darkness, was the featured speaker. The book details her escape from an abusive marriage to a Muslim husband. Branner, shared her story, her prayers, her beliefs and time with the Lord, listening quietly for the His answer before she would get up from her knees. She challenged each person to remember no matter what they are going through in our life — a work situation, job loss, a bad relationship, abuse, problems with children, separations of all kinds, drugs, alcohol, financial problems — God loves each, right where they are today.

One lady commented she felt like 20 years were lifted from her shoulders during the weekend, because of Branner's message. While not an Adventist, she was in church the next Sabbath. Members are surrounding her with prayer and she is being richly blessed.

Women from Montana are invited to return to Fairmont Hot Springs in 2010 during the second weekend of October. Make plans now to attend.

December 01, 2009 / Montana Conference