This Little Light of Ours

December 01, 2009 | Dolores Salcedo

The broadcast tower stands tall on the grounds of the Coos Bay (Ore.) Church. With its base sunk 10 feet below ground level, the 100 foot tall structure is a testament to the perseverance of church members determined to give vision and voice to the Adventist message in their community.

When fire damaged an existing antenna site more than a year ago, members erected their own tower and put the full-time broadcast from Three Angels Broadcasting Network back on the air. While Better Life Broadcasting Network provides 3ABN programming to cable customers, the church-sponsored broadcast serves those who receive television programming only through antenna signals.

This past spring, the Eternal Ring Bell Ringers and Praise Spectrum Choir from Rogue Valley Adventist School in Medford, Ore., provided a collegiate quality vespers and church service in Coos Bay to help benefit the broadcast project.

That kind of support has encouraged Coos Bay members to broaden the broadcast outreach from their tower. A radio broadcast committee, including members Del Cline, Ron Conway, Glen Roesener, Dolores Salcedo and Kirk Sutliff, plan to add a 24-hour, seven-days-a-week radio broadcast, KBAV (Coos Bay Adventist Voice) 103.9 FM, to begin early in 2010.

When that happens, the little light that Coos Bay members have lighted atop their own tower, will grow brighter and broader, supported by the donations and prayers of those within its circle of influence.