God Provides Bibles for Nicaragua

December 01, 2009 | Teresa Joy

Oscar Alvarez had a predicament. He had just reconnected online with a missionary friend in Nicaragua — and she needed his help to find 50 Spanish Bibles for her students.

Alvarez researched the cost to purchase and ship Bibles to Nicaragua, then prayed for God's guidance. "I knew God's Word commanded us to spread His Word around the world," he says, "and I couldn't say no."

Alvarez called Omar Grieve, Washington Conference Hispanic coordinator, and explained the situation.

"We'll donate the Bibles," Grieve said. "When can you pick them up?"

The next Sabbath, Alvarez shared his testimony of God's leading at his home church in Bellevue. He still didn't have the shipping money, but he knew God would provide. After church, a businessman in the church gave Alvarez a business card and said, "Give me a call. I want to pay for the whole shipping cost."

Alvarez says he knows God will never let His children down: "If we are willing to step forward, to be His hands and feet, God will provide."

Ten days after shipping the Bibles, the box arrived in Nicaragua, where students are now learning more about Jesus from the stories, prophecies, principles and wisdom for life contained in the Bible.