Gladstone Park Church Celebrates Christ Then...Now...Forever

Sept. 18–19 — Connie Durbin Committee Chairperson says of the weekend, "It was heart warming to celebrate 100 years of resilience of the Oregon City - Gladstone Park Church with so many of our present and previous church members and friends. Working on the preparations for this event brought a closer relationship with each other and even greater trust in the Lord. Many thanks go to the speakers and performers, who were all spectacular."

Friday night vespers, Sabbath School, church and the Saturday night concert-historical celebration had Bob Uhrig, present pastor, and previous pastors Paul Johnson, Terry Zull, and Herb Stratton as participants.

Other speakers were: Ann Campbell, Rivergate principal, and Carolyn Sabo, associate community services director.

Various categories of photos were in the foyer including those brides who were married in the church. On the stage at the Rivergate gym was a lighted arch for the bridal couple to have photos taken. One of those couples was Curtis and Diane Shippers who were married in 2000 by Johnson.

Special guest speaker was Herb Beals the foremost authority on the City of Gladstone. He says, "I compliment the Gladstone Adventist Church in its 100 years of staying together."

Kim Huey, local church member who has worked with Mr. Beals, in researching the parallel development of the city and church tells of important dates as follows:

In 1909 the church formed a recognized congregation with plans for a church building and school on Harrison Street. Then they moved to an empty building on the camp grounds.

In 1965 they sold the Harrison Street property and bought five acres at the present site for the church and school.

1974 saw the groundbreaking for the new church and school. And four years later the first service was held debt free.

The Follow the Star Pagent began in 2002. Four years later the decision was made for an expansion of the churches fellowship room and classrooms for Rivergate

elementary school. In 2009 construction began.

Al Reimche, Oregon conference president, spoke briefly using Hebrews 10 about 100 years for this celebration. He voiced the theme of the pastors who were participants in the celebration that we want see Jesus coming soon and celebrate his coming instead of seeing another weekend like this one.

December 01, 2009 / Oregon Conference