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December 01, 2009 | Shawna Malvini

Research shows the Pacific Northwest has the highest rates of breast cancer in the United States, and the staff at Tillamook County General Hospital realize how vital early detection is in fighting the disease. To encourage women to schedule mammograms, the hospital held a special mammography "spa day" to celebrate breast cancer awareness month in October. Patients who scheduled their mammograms for Oct. 20 received a free, rejuvenating, 10-minute neck and shoulder massage along with tea and chocolates, in a soothing spa-like atmosphere.

Top-tier hospital in Walla Walla

Walla Walla General Hospital was named among the top hospitals in the nation by Data Advantage, LLC, a national health care measurement organization. The hospital was recognized with a 2009–2010 Hospital Value Index: Best in Value Award, and ranked among the top tier hospitals from across the nation, achieving high marks in quality, affordability and efficiency, and patient satisfaction.

Portland hospital goes green with TriMet

Portland Adventist Medical Center recently hosted a heart healthy stop for the area's TriMet Green Line grand opening, featuring education to the community about heart healthy measures. Thousands of people from across Portland took the opportunity to try out the new light-rail line, taking 25,000 trips during the day. Nurses from the hospital's Northwest Regional Heart Center volunteered their time to give blood pressure checks next to the Healthvan at the Main Street Station. In addition, the hospital gave out green grocery totes, apples and water to people who stopped by.

New report shows excellent quality in Walla Walla

Complete with a companion Web site, Walla Walla General Hospital recently unveiled its new quality report. The report highlights the hospital's quality scores and initiatives, patient satisfaction and the expanding services offered on campus. The Web site takes the report to a new level with interactive features, patient testimonials and bonus information only found online. For more information, visit:

AMC dubbed a five-star facility for third year running

For the third consecutive year, Portland Adventist Medical Center received a national Five-Star Community Value Rating. The Community Value Index® (CVI) Five-Star Hospital Award is a national recognition that denotes a commitment to meeting the health care needs of the community in a financially responsible manner. The national evaluation, conducted by Cleverly Associates, utilizes a tool for objective assessment. The CVI contains three key areas of evaluation: financial viability and plant reinvestment, cost structure and charge structure. The hospital was awarded the Five-Star Rating because it ranked in the top 20 percent of more than 3,000 hospitals included in the study.