PAA Adds New S.A. Office of Environmental Coordinator

November 01, 2009 | Liesl Vistaunet

Portland Adventist Academy Student Senate and Administrative Council approved the addition of the new office of environmental coordinator for the Student Association.

Students voted Ben Ashlock, PAA senior, into office. "I can't imagine a better person for the job," says classmate Andrew Pirv. "And I don't know of any other schools that have an environmental stewardship office. It's an honor to be an example."

Ashlock's initial plans involve inspiring his peers through speaking opportunities, entertaining videos and an informative blog. "I want to bring PAA students to the place where they see how God has blessed them," says Ashlock. He believes that once people truly appreciate God's nature, that stewardship of it will naturally become a part of their everyday lives.

"I want to help my peers begin to see the beauty of nature as a continual reminder of God actually, physically, acting in our lives. When we see the environment — from the mountains to our front lawns — as a miracle, it's something you can't help but take care of."